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Without Impower, my daughter would not have come on board

Insights into the life of property managers as they

Here, property managers tell their stories of how they overcame challenges and achieved goals. Immerse yourself in the digital dream of Swabian property manager Jungnickel. Or read the story of Kai Pflanz, who can now take part in his daughter's dance competitions again.

Uwe Schmid

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Uwe Schmid Family Photo
Generational change in property management - How the Schmid family saves the succession

Without Impower, my daughter Mareike would certainly not have come on board. Now she even does the bookkeeping.

Kai plant
After digitalization - "I can now be present at my daughter's performances"

I now have the opportunity to work from anywhere. I can now attend my daughter's performances live.

More turnover, less work - the dream of the Swabian property manager Jungnickel

The free time gives us more opportunities to grow. And you can also work less sometimes. That sounds like a dream.

Young entrepreneur Jonas Heller - Building a start-up with grandma's pocket money

The software saves us a lot of time in accounting. We get more work done with less manpower.

Local innovation leader with a strong team and long-standing customers

If the colleagues are doing well, the customer will do well too.

Fully digitized property management with five stars on Google

Nowadays, the relationship with the property management company should be very efficient.

Hundreds of functions that simplify everyday life as a property manager
our customers say it better than we do

Numerous property management companies have switched to Impower

Mrs. Rahn
M&R property management

Impower's customer support is simply top-notch! The employees are always quick and reliable and have helped me with every concern. I am impressed by the professionalism of the team and the smooth cooperation. Thank you for the great service, Impower!

Kai plant
KP Real Estate Management Ltd.

I am incredibly satisfied with the collaboration with Impower during the onboarding process. Thanks to the close collaboration and the implementation of an individual solution for our situation, we were able to save almost 3 weeks of manual work. This was really special and I had not experienced this from any other software provider before!

Vera Jungnickel

Impower has turned out to be the accounting software we have been waiting for!


It's just really fun, it runs so smoothly.

Celina Simon
Terra property management

It's really great! Every week I book about 400 invoices and it only takes me an hour. The whole process is fast and easy - I can book and pay directly.


I am thrilled with Impower! Since I started using it, I've already been able to save a lot of time. The platform is very self-explanatory and intuitive - I hardly had to invest any time to find my way around. I can only recommend Impower!


Oh how? I can just search for something up there via the search and then come directly?


Yes, so the fast and clear navigation clearly sets you apart from systems like Immoware and Karthago.


As a big fan of the cloud, I'm thrilled with the flexibility that Impower gives me. Thanks to this platform, I can even work from my tablet - no matter where I am. For example, I can sit in the Maldives at 35 degrees with a cocktail in my hand and release an invoice in a very relaxed way. That's just fantastic!


Just recently I had to rebook a house. To my surprise, almost all the bookings had already been made and the platform automatically suggested suitable options. It was a dream! I was able to complete the bookings quickly and easily and had no stress at all.


I have never seen accounting as good as here anywhere.


You're the first one we think to ourselves, "It was worth the wait!"


The most modern all-in-one solution for property managers: flexible, simple and fast.

WEG, MV, SEV management - all on one platform

Cover all management types with one system and uniform workflows: Condominium management, rental management, condominium management.

Master data and contacts - comprehensive, clear

Contact data, property data, building structures, maintenance contracts, economic data, rental and owner contracts, and much more. - Everything important clearly arranged in one place.

Document management - efficiently integrated

Capture documents only once and automatically synchronize them with the connected document management system - whether Microsoft Sharepoint or industry solution.

Accounting - lightning fast, simple and secure

Invoice entry, special apportionments, service charge accounting, statement of property charges, business plans, and much more. - Comprehensive legally compliant accounting. Maximum efficiency.

Payment transactions - securely integrated

Pick up sales and post them automatically. Generate and execute direct debits automatically. Approve and transmit transfers. Flexible via EBICS or HBCI Banking.

Communication - flexible and efficient

Generate serial letters via own module, send letters and documents via ePost and / or upload them in the portal. Connect customer portal (casavi, ETG24, facilioo) simply at the push of a button and synchronize live.

Owners' meeting - flexible, workflow based

Simple and connected workflows: Create invitation with text modules, send by click via ePost or portal, take minutes and maintain resolution collection.

Transaction management - the best tools integrated

Simply select the right solution or continue using it: Casavi, ETG24, facilioo. Thanks to modern interfaces, integrated in such a way that it feels like a single entity.

Analytics - Finally gaining valuable insights

Obtain valuable key figures for individual objects, across all objects or for your own company. Evaluate service provider relationships per click or offer benchmarking and much more is now finally possible.

Property management
in hours instead of days.

Simplify and automate property management and accounting processes now.

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