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Our customers are our greatest ambassadors! They enthusiastically recommend Impower to others because they see the results and feel that it helps them achieve their goals.

Modern and simple platform, nice team, great support! Go Impower!

Mats Grambusch
Grambusch Real Estate
World Champion & Captain Hockey National Team

It's really great! Every week I book about 400 invoices and it only takes me an hour. The whole process is fast and easy - I can book and pay directly.

Celina Simon
Terra property management
Since last weekend, I remember why we chose Impower.

No other software can handle object transfers as effectively as Impower. I have experienced an enormous reduction in workload and time savings just in the follow-up posting of a fiscal year during an object transfer: In just 10 minutes, I can do with Impower what took me at least 2-3 hours in my old system.

Stefan Kröner
FVI Ltd.
Impower is simply fun!

The whole process is so smooth and seamless. I enjoy working with this platform and can recommend it to anyone looking for an efficient solution for their administrative tasks.

Fabian Schurr
IFS Real Estate
As good as here

I have not seen the accounting anywhere.

The wait was worth it!

You're the first one we think to ourselves, "It was worth the wait!"

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I am incredibly satisfied with the cooperation with Impower.

Thanks to the close cooperation and the implementation of an individual solution for our situation, we were able to save almost 3 weeks of manual work. This was really special and I had not experienced this before from any other software provider!

Kai plant
KP Real Estate Management Ltd.
Impower's customer support is simply top-notch!

The employees are always quick and reliable and have helped me with every request. I am impressed by the professionalism of the team and the smooth cooperation. Thank you for the great service, Impower!

Anna Cathrin Rahn
M&R Property Management UG
That's just really fun.

It runs so smoothly.

Oh how?

I can just search for something up there via search and get right to it?


I didn't believe you that a full year of a WEG property could be completed in just 3 hours. I sat down and actually did it in that time - really amazing.

Andreas Jungnickel
Impower has turned out to be the accounting software we have been waiting for!

We are thrilled with the platform and its features. It was definitely worth the wait!

Vera Jungnickel
By far the best market solution.

After 15 years in the real estate industry, I know numerous programs from direct use. In my opinion, Impower is by far the best market solution for any user, whether beginner or expert, with its easy-to-understand user interface and self-explanatory step-by-step sequence.

Stefan Spängler
Spängler property management
I am excited about Impower!

Since I've been using it, I've already been able to save a lot of time. The platform is very self-explanatory and intuitive - I hardly had to invest any time to find my way around. I can only recommend Impower!

Of course, the fast and clear navigation clearly sets you apart

Yes, so the fast and clear navigation clearly sets you apart from systems like Immoware and Karthago.

This is just fantastic!

As a big fan of the cloud, I'm thrilled with the flexibility that Impower gives me. Thanks to this platform, I can even work from my tablet - no matter where I am. For example, I can sit in the Maldives at 35 degrees with a cocktail in my hand and release an invoice in a very relaxed way. That's just fantastic!

A dream!

Just recently I had to rebook a house. To my surprise, almost all the bookings had already been made and the platform automatically suggested suitable options. It was a dream! I was able to complete the bookings quickly and easily and had no stress at all.

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I thought the appointment today was fantastic. A really great overall impression of how you can really save time with the right tools.
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Thank you for the detailed explanation and for taking the time.
Webinar Participants
Thank you for the interesting webinar, we are excited!
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You have explained that again super today, I am happy as can be!
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Thank you very much for the presentation. Was very interesting!
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Thank you very much, it was very informative.
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